Quotes I love it! Thank you so much. I´╗┐ was out of control earlier and on the edge of selfharming. I feel so much more calm. Thanks! xx :) Quotes
- sammyBBes

Quotes This´╗┐ just really helped me out alot thank you so much i was about to have the "attack" and this just took my anxiety away much thanks given have a great holiday Quotes
- brandonpeveto

Quotes This is´╗┐ great. i've an exam in two hours time and i'm very nervous. just playing this soothes me down a lot. thanks((: Quotes
- dancedancemambo

Quotes I just recently got some nasty online hate and I have quite a bit of homework...... This seriously helped me to´╗┐ relax. Thank you. :) Quotes
- ForeverSheri

Quotes this just´╗┐ helped me with some non-stop belching i've had for almost a year now.....everytime i play this it stops but everytime i stop playing it it comes back :-( but neverthless at least i found a temporary way to briefly stop it thanks :-) Quotes
- Andrea Smith

Quotes -i have a big exam now. and my mom just don't get it. i'm tired stress and about to blew up, this song´╗┐ help me to relax :) Quotes
- barbielmh

Quotes Beautifully done! This piece has really helped calm me down from´╗┐ stressful family today. :) Quotes
- blakkrayn1

Quotes Thank´╗┐ you. I suffer from really bad panic attacks and this actually helped me today. Thank you. Quotes
- Sarah Doucet

Quotes this music helps me to be more calm and relieve´╗┐ stress. Thanks a lot. :) Quotes
- TheKeeceedee

Quotes Helps me relax when i'm overwhelmed with school. Thank you very´╗┐ much. Quotes
- SuperApurdy